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About Cars Inc.

Our program is REALLY one of a kind!



 We DO take care of your TAGS, TAXES, and OIL CHANGES!! 

Can't pay? Walk away! RETURN ANYTIME, AT NO CHARGE!

 We will change the oil, on the vehicle you have with us, for FREE!! 

 All sales tax AND personal property tax is included in your payments.

 We understand that your time is precious! 
That's why WE go to the DMV for your registration and license plates! 
We'll even put the license plates on, for you!

Our requirements are that you live in either Clay, Ray, Platte, or Clinton County. You must have a valid drivers license, and provide full coverage insurance on the vehicle with a $500 deductible. You must have the required down payment and you can not use the vehicle for any delivery services.
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